OID Tokens
The Governance Tokens of the ONCHAINID Protocol

OID tokens allow holders to participate in the governance of ONCHAINID and interact more broadly with the protocol, its applications, and its participants.

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Private Sale Started

Token price:

0.01 USD

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Min order:

5,000,000 OID

Lock-up period:

6 months

Available token:  

150,000,000 OID

Public Sale

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Token price:

0.02 USD

Min order:

5,000 OID

Available token:  

150,000,000 OID

Token Utilities

OID tokens allow holders to participate in the governance of ONCHAINID and interact more broadly with the protocol, its applications, and its participants.

The token incentivizes users, partners and developers. It also enables additional functionalities to be unlocked. Holders of the OID token can vote on proposals that affect the direction of the project, including decisions concerning:

- The token supply and the rewards distribution mechanisms to incentivize stakeholders

- The new features and improvements of the protocol and its applications

- The monetization schemes for ONCHAINID owners and OID holders

Token Economy


ONCHAINID is Developed by Experienced Tech Companies

Tokeny Solutions

Tokeny allows financial actors operating in private markets to compliantly issue, transfer and manage securities using distributed ledger technology, enabling them to improve asset liquidity. The Luxembourg-based company is the leader in securities tokenization and in 2020 was named one of the top 50 companies in the blockchain space by CB Insights. They are backed by Euronext NV, the pan-european stock exchange group.

Since 2018, Tokeny is developing ONCHAINID (protocol and software) as the needed compliance component of the T-REX protocol for security tokens. Most of the developments were financed thanks to a fundraising of 5 millions euros entirely subscribed by Euronext in July 2019. Tokeny is also a member of the ERC725 Alliance. After the OID token issuance, Tokeny will continue to act as the core developer of the ONCHAINID ecosystem.


InTech is a Technology and Information Systems Consulting company founded in 1995 and becoming a subsidiary of the POST Luxembourg group in 2015 (government owned). The company employs more than 120 collaborators specialized in the design and the realization of specific IT solutions built from reusable software components. Combining the synergy between knowledge of a business and mastery of technology, InTech supports its clients in their digital transformation and the evolution of their information system.

For several years, InTech has been offering its blockchain expertise to financial and government players in and around Luxembourg. Many projects have already emerged and are in development, such as EDDITS, aimed at connecting blockchain identities with the European standard eIDAS via LuxTrust. InTech is also heavily involved in government blockchain projects and projects relating to the investment fund industry. They also joined the ERC725 Alliance in 2018.

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