Decentralized identity system for compliant digital assets

ONCHAINID is a blockchain-based identity ecosystem that identifies individuals, organizations and DeFi protocols, allowing them to enforce compliance and access digital assets

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Self-sovereign identity system

Aggregator of certified information 

Multi-wallet management system

Universal login for websites and DeFi protocols

$28 billion of digital assets are already owned and managed by ONCHAINID owners
Join the ecosystem supported by developers, trusted entities, institutions and government

The Problem

DeFi is not natively compliant.
Users are not legally protected

Since users mostly interact with smart contracts, DeFi protocols remove the counterparty risk of some transactions. However, more than ever, users need legal protection and safeguards in case of loss of private keys, scams, violation of private data, or other problems preventing DeFi from growing. 

Are the other participants legitimate?

Am I eligible for this DeFi protocol?

Do I really own the underlying asset represented by this token?

Who can access and use my private data ?

The Solution

ONCHAINID: A self-sovereign identity system to bring trust and compliance to DeFi

No individual or institution wants to publicly expose their private or confidential information. These players also need to ensure that the person or organization they are dealing with (e.g. the protocol creator/deployer/operator) has been verified by a trusted party (e.g. banks, auditors). ONCHAINID brings this missing compliance layer to the ecosystem.

Apply compliance onchain without exposing confidential data

Control access to your personal data and log into your account in seconds 

Guarantee ownership of your identity data, assets and wallets

How does it work?

The ONCHAINID protocol allows users to create their self-sovereign identity on the blockchain. Their private data is kept off-chain with trusted parties, encrypted identity proofs of data validation are published on the blockchain.


Simplify Logins
Universal login to websites and DeFi protocols, only register for an account once.

Identify Counterparties
Identify who you are dealing with by checking their proofs verified by trusted parties to avoid frauds and scams.

Reuse Identity Proofs
Reuse certified identity data (e.g. KYC check certificate) for compliance checks, no more duplicated efforts.

Own Your Data
Control the access to your personal data and identity proofs. Revoke the access anytime.

Manage Wallets & Assets
Manage multiple wallets in a single web application. Digital assets can be recovered from a lost wallet to a new one.

Comply with Regulations
Ensure your eligibility to participate in DeFi investment opportunities to comply with regulations without compromising privacy.

Use Cases

ONCHAINID enables compliant Security Tokens and guarantees digital asset ownership

Permissioned tokens embed token transfer rules and link ownership to ONCHAINIDs, not wallets.

The transfer of permissioned tokens can only occur between eligible ONCHAINIDs.

Recover permissioned tokens in case of loss of the wallet's private key

ONCHAINID fulfills KYC/AML obligations while protecting privacy, enabling permissioned DeFi

Verify the eligibility of all counterparts via identity proofs in their ONCHAINIDs (e.g. not on a sanctions or terrorist list)

Restrict the use of the DeFi protocol according to certain criteria (type of investor, jurisdictions, etc.) to comply with regulations

Broaden the audience to include institutional players to further mature DeFi ecosystem

Facilitate the onboarding of users with ONCHAINID. Log in and invest with verified identity proofs with a few clicks

Login to websites, DeFi protocols, digital assets marketplaces via your ONCHAINID account

Re-use identity proofs verified previously, no more duplicated registration or compliance check processes

Control your data and identity proofs by granting or revoking access at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions
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